Escape from Planet Earth Soundtrack

Wir haben die offizielle Titelliste der Filmmusik bzw. des Soundtracks zu Escape From Planet Earth, die kommende Science-Fiction Animationskomödie von Rainmaker Entertainment:

Escape From Planet Earth Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Musik von Aaron Zigman.

1. Escape from Planet Earth Overture
2. Family Theme / Gary & Kira Save Kip
3. The Peace Shield
4. Tornado / Shanker Battles the Aliens
5. Evil Lena’s Theme / Dark Planet Press Conference
6. Kira & Evil Lina / Gary Goes To Save Scorch
7. Kira & Kip Caught / Evil Lena
8. Scorch – Family Theme
9. Step Away from the Bluebonium
10. The Gnalarch Mission
11. Scorch Returns to Planet Baab
12. Scorch Me Baby
13. Shanker Targets Planet Baab / Gary and Aliens Escape
14. Fire Up the Ship
15. Dark Planet Info
16. Gary Captured / Area 51
17. General & Evil Lena / Kip Saves Kira
18. Scorch Goes to the Dark Planet
19. Freezing Gun Fight
20. Aliens Save the Day
21. Gary’s Cell
22. Lets Go Home
23. Main Title
24. Escape from Planet Earth Variation
Escape From Planet Earth Lied - Escape From Planet Earth Musik - Escape From Planet Earth Soundtrack - Escape From Planet Earth Filmmusik

Hier kannst Du Dir Auszüge der Lieder vom Soundtrack anhören:

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